Sparrows, Finches
and Other Backyard Birds

By Michael Myers

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Goldfinch Goldfinch Goldfinches in a flowering cherry tree.
Only the breeding male (right) is bright yellow.

Goldfinch Goldfinch A Goldfinch on a sunflower, and another on a Birch tree in spring

New! HD Video of a pair of goldfinches. Best at full screen and 1080p.

Sparrow Sparrow Sparrow House Sparrows
The female is on the right.

White-Throated Sparrow White-Throated Sparrow White-Throated Sparrow White-Throated Sparrows

Black-capped Chickadee Black-capped Chickadee chickadee chickadee A Black-capped chickadee- very quick and difficult to photograph.

Male House Finch Female House Finch A pair of house finches on a snowy day. The male is on the left.

Starling Starling European Starlings in winter dress.

Mourning Dove Mourning Dove Mourning Dove Mourning Doves.

Finch Finch Finch House Finches and a House Sparrow on a flowering Dogwood

Junco Junco Junco Dark-eyed Juncos. The female on the right is a different color.

Mockingbird A Mockingbird having dinner and looking into the sunset.

Mockingbird A Mockingbird on a telephone wire.

Gray Catbird Gray Catbird Gray Catbird A Gray Catbird a member of the Mockingbird family.
Here's a larger image for your desktop.

Cowbird Female Cowbird A Brown-Headed Cowbird. The female is on the right.

Grackle Sparrow A grackle, a sparrow and some daffodils

Grackle Getting eyeballed by a grackle

Grackle Grackle More Grackles.
When the sun hits them just right as in the first thumbnail, the feathers are an iridescent blue

Grackle Grackle Crows

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