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Original Photographs by Michael Myers

Here are several selected files that work well as MacOS Desktop Pictures or as Windows Wallpaper:

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Lake Louise Sunrise over Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies

mountain stream Another beautiful scene from Canada

Elk An elk posing in the wild.

Marble stairway An Escher-like back stairway from a hotel in Rome.

Lake Powell Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge National Monument from the air
in southern Utah's Lake Powell.

Deer Family A Deer Family in Valley Forge Park.

Etruscan Vase Sunset Etruscan Vase Sunset Hi-Resolution Etruscan Vase Sunset (1440x900)

Sunset Sunset Two sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico from Naples, Florida.

Pair of Cardinals A pair of Cardinals in a snowstorm.

Hibiscus in Costa Rica Hibiscus in Costa Rica

Snow Geese Snow Geese in flight

Hummingbirds Hummingbirds Hi-Resolution Hummingbirds (1280x800)

Blue Grosbeak A Blue Grosbeak

Moonshadow Moonshadow (1280x800 pixels)

Sunset Sunset on the French Rivera

Mt. Etna Mt. Etna in Sicily. (1280x800)

Swans Swans in flight.

Cardinal A Good-Looking Cardinal.

Gray Catbird A Gray Catbird.

Kitt Peak Sunset ...a minute later Sunset from Kitt Peak, in Southern Arizona.

Arizona Mountains Early Spring in Southern Arizona.

Eagle Eagle Two poses of an eagle from the eastern shore of Maryland.

Mailpouch A view of rural America in West Virginia.

Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon of Arizona.

9 Gulls Seagulls leading the Ocracoke ferry

bright sunset A blazingly bright sunset.

Sunset A pelican flying across the sunset sky. 1024x768

Sunset A very tranquil sunset.

Sunset A firey red sunset. 1024x768

Red clouds Red clouds Sunset Sky.

Lighthouse An unusual view of the Cape Hatteras (North Carolina) Lighthouse.

Skyscraper New York Skyscraper 1024x768.

Sunset The surface of the full moon

Feathery Clouds Feathery clouds.

Balloon A hot air balloon.

beachgrass Sea Oats on North Carolina's outer banks.

Bee on Crocus Daffodil Lily of the Valley Spring is here!

Nuclear power plant Aerial view of a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

PT-19 PT-19's in the sky.

Alps The Alps in summer from a jumbo jet.

greenisle Aerial view off Okracoke Island, NC.

Sunset Sunset above rainclouds.

clouds1 clouds2 clouds3 clouds4 Clouds from a jumbo jet.

pamlico1 pamlico2 pamlico3 clouds4 Sunset over Pamlico Sound.

Moonrise Moonrise over Cape Hatteras on the Atlantic Ocean.

Boardwalk The Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ.

Full moon Full Moon

Last quarter moon Last quarter moon

Bluejay Bluejay in the snow.

Bluejay Bluejay in a Mulberry tree.

Cardinal1 Cardinal in a Mulberry tree.

Cardinal2 Cardinal on a snowy branch.

Robin Robin in a Maple tree.

Egret Snowy Egret on a Florida beach.

Butterfly Butterfly in Impatiens.

Primrose Primrose.

The first 12 seconds of flight The first 12 seconds of flight.
The above is a photo of a photo that is on display at the Wright Brothers Museum in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.


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