The Planets

Photos of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn taken with a "digiscope."

By Michael Myers

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Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus. It goes through phases like the moon.

venusNew! Note how Venus appears larger as the crescent gets thinner.

Mars Mars Mars Mars. The red planet.

Mars Here is Mars in August, 2003 at it's closest to earth since our ancestors lived in caves.
The south polar ice cap is visible as are dark markings on the planet's surface.

Moon The full moon next to Mars on December 23, 2007. This is a good illustration of the relative size of each.
Mars is the red dot. (click the thumbnail)
Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter. You can see the pale bands running across the surface.

Jupiter Here, you can see 3 of Jupiter's moons.

Jupiter This photo shows the shadow of Jupiter's moon Io crossing the planet (top center)
and the moon Ganymede about to disappear behind it (lower right).
Also referred to as a transit of Io and occultation of Ganymede.

Jupiter Another photo of a transit of Io.
The moon's shadow appears slightly to the left of center.

Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn 2007.
These are the first photos of Saturn with my new setup.

Saturn 2008 Saturn 2008. The rings are becoming more edge-on.

Saturn 2009 Saturn 2009. This year the ring appears only as a thin line.

Saturn 2010 Saturn 2010. At maximum thinness, but finally the rings will be opening for the next 7.5 years.
The next time we can view the rings edge-on like this will be in 2025.

Saturn 2011 Saturn 2011 Saturn 2011. The rings are opening- we are now viewing from above the planet.
You can see the shadow of the ring on the surface of Saturn.

Saturn 2013 Saturn 2013. The rings are opening further. The rings are about as open as they were in 2007 but now we are viewing the planet from above.

Saturn 2015 Saturn 2015.

Saturnx3 How Earth's view of Saturn changes over a six year period.


Holmes Comet Not a planet, but the Holmes Comet in November, 2007.
Click the thumbnail to see how this comet would appear in binoculars.


Some older photos of Saturn:

taken with my first digiscope setup.

Saturn Saturn in January, 2001.

Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn 2002 The rings are wide open this year.

Saturn Saturn 2003 The ring now obscures the north pole.

Saturn Saturn 2004

Saturn Saturn 2005

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