Stereogram Examples

Compiled by Michael Myers

Here are a few excellent images from various stereogram galleries, resized for viewing quickly from within your web browser or mobile device.

If you need help in viewing, read "How do I see them?"

If you are nearsighted, it will be easier if you remove your glasses and bring your face about 10 to 12 inches from the screen.

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 A Treble Clef (103K).
 New! A squirrel with a nut.
 New! This one is a bit risqué.
 A Guitar (112K).
 An Amphora, a two-handled pottery vessel (128K).
 A Creepy Cat (110K).
 Dolphin Dance (82K).
 A Starfish (108K).
 A Dog (75K).
 A Butterfly (89K).
 An eagle in flight (77K).
 A pair of rabbits (89K).
 A very cool King Tut (107K).
 Flying animals! (56K)
 A human heart and various other organs (87K).
 A portion of one of the best I've seen (50K).
 A face made of bricks (61K).
 A very deep horizontal wave (42K).
 An oil lamp on a cobblestone background (110K).
 A mountain range in springtime (87K).
 Monday Night Football (79K).
 A cool design (71K)
 A whirlpool that will have you craning your neck (94K)
 A portion of "crease"- a lot of depth here (93K).
 Holiday greetings (99K).
 A teapot with some hidden writing (81K).
 A Vase (70K).

New! *Once you get used to 3-D viewing:

click! Check out these Animated Stereograms click!


Links to some excellent sites:

IndaSoftware. Professional software for creating stereograms.

Gareth and Peter's SIRDS pages

Todd Hale's handmade ASCII stereogram signature. The coolest e-mail sig I've seen!

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