The Moon

As seen from the Northern Hemisphere

Original Photographs by Michael Myers
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Telescopic moon photos from new crescent through last quarter.
• A 3-1/2 week time-lapse movie of the phases of the moon.
• A movie of the moon setting through the telescope.
Lunar Eclipse Photos.
• What is a Blue Moon?
• See a rare Stellar Eclipse!
The Man in the Moon, the Lady in the Moon and other illusions
• Is the moon really larger on the horizon?
The Moon Below the Equator is upside down!
• Links to more of my photos

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Read about my lunar photo technique and my photo equipment.

6 hour old moon 6 hour old moon 6 hour old moon A really new moon, only 6 hours old.
This moon sets just after the sun.
1 day old moon The same moon, 24 hours later.
Frowning moon The Moon, Venus and Jupiter on December 1, 2008 forming a "frowning face".
In the southern hemisphere a "smiley" face was formed.
Moon Moon Another new crescent, but getting larger.
new moon new moon EarthShine:
When the moon is new, the bright earth reflects back and illuminates the disk.
This is often called, "Old moon in the new moon's arms."
A very cool animation of a new moon with earthshine setting behind some columns.
Moon Here is a unique photo of a Jet Plane flying through the Earthshine.
8 second exposure, digital camera
Moon A lucky shot of an airplane transiting the moon.
Moon A digitally enhanced 6-day moon against the blue sky.
4 Moons Here is a series taken on four consecutive evenings around first quarter.
Note the changes from night to night.
7-10day Moons Here are four more consecutive evenings from 7 to 10 days old.
A 3-1/2 week time-lapse movie of the phases of the moon.
6 day old moon 6 day old moon A 6-day moon, wide angle and close-up. Digital photos.
7-day moon 7-day moon 7-day moon The next evening: a first quarter, or 7-day moon.
8-day moon 8-day moon 8-day moon The next night, an 8-day moon.
The smallest craters you can see are about 5 miles across.

Move your mouse over these images
to see the changes in 24 hours.
"Moonset at Zion"
Here is a very interesting time-lapse movie
showing a quarter moon setting behind these cliffs at Zion Canyon in Utah.

Moonset at Zion Canyon
9.5-day moon 9.5-day moon 9.5-day moon A 9-1/2-day old moon.
Moon and 3 Planets A composite photo of the moon, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter taken on April 28, 2004.
Here is a page with more photos of the planets.
Moon After first quarter, just before sunset.
The sky is still blue.
10 day moon Moon Here are two views of a 10 day old moon, taken moments apart.
The second photo caught an airplane flying across it!
Here is a short real-time movie (518K) taken through a telescope.
The movement demonstrates the rotation of the earth.
Moon A 12-day moon, taken a day after the movie above. The bright deep crater is named Tycho. Digital image.
Moon A 12.5 day moon, taken with more modern equipment.
Moon A 98% full moon with a perfectly centered jet plane flying across it.
The photo is 100% genuine, I was very lucky to catch this moment.
Moon Moon A full moon is brilliant, but you don't see any craters.
The full moon rises just as the sun sets.
Moon A full moon rising behind a tree. Neat picture!
Note how the moon appears flattened when it is close to the horizon.
Moon A full moon rising behind a pine tree.
Full Moon Here is the full moon at perigree, when it is closest to earth, much larger and brighter than usual.
When the moon is closer to earth, it appears larger and is called a Supermoon.
These photos show the relatively small difference in appearance depending on the distance from earth.
Moon Size Both images were taken with the same camera and lens magnification.
Moon Size Here is the "Supermoon" from August 10, 2014 compared with a full moon that was at it's farthest point from earth.
Moon This is an exact full moon, taken just before an eclipse-
You won't find one much rounder than this!
Moon The Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the vernal equinox. This is reduced from a 32 Megapixel image.
Here is the same photo next to a crop from the full-sized image.
Moon The full moon next to Mars on December 23, 2007. This is a good illustration of the relative size of each.
Mars is the red dot.

Move your mouse over this image to see the difference in 24 hours.
The change around full moon is more subtle.
The color difference is due to the atmosphere.
Moon This moon is just 5 hours past full and you can already see some loss of roundness on the right side.
Here is a link to more full moon photos.
Moon New! Moonrise over the Eiffel Tower in Paris France.
Moonrise Moonrise over Cape Hatteras on the Atlantic Ocean.
Moon A waning moon, 2 or 3 days past full.
Moon A few days later.
Moon About a day before 3rd quarter at 4000mm.
Look at the detail in those craters!
Moon Same moon as above, but a wider angle.
Moon A beautiful last quarter, which rises at midnight.
Don't miss this one- the thumbnail doesn't do it justice.
Moon A 23 day old moon.
Moon This moon is exactly 24½ days old.
Moon Moon A waning, 26 day old moon.
These photos were taken at 5AM as the moon was rising.

The Solar Eclipse of August, 2017:

Solar Eclipse
A total solar eclipse
See a video of the reaction of the eclipse witnesses

Lunar Eclipse Photos:

Eclipse The "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse from January 21, 2019.
A multiple exposure of a lunar eclipse
Read how I took this picture
Eclipse Eclipse Two photos from the February 20, 2008 Lunar Eclipse.
The second photo shows Saturn (to the left) and Regulus (above) the moon.
Eclipse The Lunar Eclipse from August 28, 2007.
Totality occurred as the moon was setting at sunrise.
Here is a page with more eclipse photos from that morning.
Eclipse Here is an animation of the Lunar Eclipse on March 3, 2007.
Eclipse Here is a page of photos of the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2003.

 What is a Blue Moon?

There is more than one definition of the term, "Blue Moon." To learn more and see some photos of blue moons, visit the Blue Moon Page.

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Stellar Eclipse

Regulus occultation This is a rare lunar occultation of a bright star. The photo shows the star Regulus about to disappear behind the moon.
Regulus occultation animation Here is an animation of this eclipse, made from original photos. Note how the star disappears when the dark edge of the moon moves in front of it.

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 The Man in the Moon and Other Illusions

Did you ever wonder how people can see different images on the face of the full moon?
Here is a page showing some of these images.

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 The Moon Below the Equator

Did you know that below the equator the moon is upside down and travels backwards ?
Yet you can still see the "man in the moon." Check out this page to see how.

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Moon Fact:

It is an optical illusion that the moon appears larger on the horizon than when it is high in the sky.

If you place your thumb and index finger a pencil width apart and hold it at arm's length, you will always be able to fit the moon between them no matter where it is. It's simply a matter of perspective- the moon looks bigger next to a tree than when it is overhead and surrounded by black.

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 You'll never know what you might see on Halloween night.
(Find out the source for this picture).

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 See more of my photos

Visit my award winning Photo Gallery for more extraordinary photographs.

You can see close-up bird portraits and other details of nature,
or download some free desktop pictures from my collection.

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• Here's a page showing how one of my moon pictures was used
at a super-fancy debutante ball!

• Here's one of my moon photos on the cover of an audio CD

• Here's one of my moon photos in a literary magazine

Note: These pictures are free only for non-commercial use.
Any other use requires special arrangements.

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