Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 00:35:29 -0800
From: (McKinley Review)
Subject: Your site awarded 3 stars by Magellan

Congratulations! Your Internet site

Lunar Astrophotographs

has been selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a
"3-Star" site. This rating is a special mark of achievement in Magellan,
McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of over 1.5 million sites and
40,000 reviews. As a Magellan 3-Star site, you are being awarded a special
logo to recognize the hard work that has gone into establishing and
maintaining your site.

We encourage you to display the 3-Star logo proudly.

Here at The McKinley Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize
the best resources on the Net. Your site has been recognized as part of
our rigorous review process, in which we consider three primary factors:
depth of content, ease of exploration, and Net appeal.

Congratulations again on your 3-Star award! We at The McKinley Group wish
you continued success in all of your Internet endeavors.


The McKinley Group, Inc.

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