Egrets, Herons and other Wading Birds

By Michael Myers

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Egret Snowy Egrets have black beaks and yellow feet.
Great Egrets have yellow beaks and black feet.
This is a Snowy Egret in Delaware.

Egret Egret Egret More Snowy Egrets in flight.

Wood Stork A Wood Stork from the Florida Everglades.

Great White Heron A Great Egret from the Florida Everglades.

Little Blue Heron A Little Blue Heron from the Florida Everglades.

Tricolored Heron Tricolored Heron Tricolored Herons from the Florida Everglades.

Egret Egret Great Egrets in Maryland

Egret Egret Egret Great Egrets in Florida

Egret Egret Great Egrets from South Padre Island, Texas

Egret Here's a Great Egret from North Carolina.

Egret Egret This is a Snowy Egret from Florida. (Larger file available for your desktop)

Heron A perfectly camoflaged Tiger Heron.

Heron Heron Heron A Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, from Jamaica in the Caribbean.

Heron Another Yellow-crowned Night-heron, this one from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Red A Reddish Egret.

Heron Heron Heron Blue Herons in Florida

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