Clouds and Sunsets

Original Photographs by Michael Myers


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Note: Many of these can be downloaded for desktop pictures or wallpaper.

Rainbow from Airplane A beautiful rainbow from an airplane
sunset sunset sunset A series showing a boat sailing past the sunset in Costa Rica.
Here is a Quicktime movie of this sunset
capturing the boat and the green flash afterward.

Sunset Sunset Sunset on the French Rivera

Sunset Sunset New! Two sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico from Naples, Florida
The first is at 1500mm; the second, 450mm.

Bright Sunset This illusion appears blindingly bright. Try it!

Pelican Sunset A Pelican flying into the sunset.

Kitt Peak Sunset ...a minute later Sunset from Kitt Peak, in Southern Arizona.

Chesapeake Bay Sunset a family story Sunset on the Northern Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

sunset Sea Oats from Cape Hatteras.

Alps in summer The Italian Alps in summer from a jumbo jet.

clouds1 clouds2

clouds3 clouds4

More photos taken from a jumbo jet.

sunset A sunset from an airplane flying over dark clouds.

feathery clouds Feathery clouds.

redsky clouds3 An ordinary beautiful sunset behind my house.

 colorful sunset Sunset New! Sunsets from my roof window.

sunset moon Moon animation A sunset and moonset behind some interesting architecture.
Here is a time-lapse animation of the sunset
...and a time-lapse animation of the moonset

sunset sunset sunset sunset Here's the sun spilling into Pamlico Sound.
See also the time-lapse series
Hi resolution images available for your desktop.

sunset Sunset at 1000mm.

FA-18 FA-18 Jet in the sky.

PT-19's PT-19's at an airshow.
This photo was awarded Picture of the Times,
a bi-weekly spotlight of the best photography on the net, 2/1/96

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