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Vintage Aircraft Day Airshow

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ThumbnailHarold's Davis D-1K, 1929-1937.
50 full-scale aircraft built, 5 more still flying

Thumbnail George's de Havilland Gipsy Moth (1931), a precursor to the Tiger Moth.

ThumbnailFrank's Great Lakes Special with a home-built  5 cylinder radial engine
This engine took 3 years to build.
Here's a close-up of the engine

ThumbnailA hand built, hand machined 9 cylinder radial engine.
This has been years in the making.

Thumbnail1930 Fleet Biplane

Thumbnail Fokker Dr I (1917-18; 300 full-scale aircraft built)

Thumbnail Another Great Lakes Special

ThumbnailCitabria (That's "Airbatic" spelled backwards)

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