RC Turbine Jet

This true turbine jet is a Bob Violett kit and represents (IMHO) the state of the art in RC modelling.

The model is certainly no toy for beginners. The engine alone costs $4000.00 and you need to go to school before you can buy one. The cost of the airplane including all the support equipment is in the $8-$10,000.00 range.

You can see some of the support equipment in the first photo. A leaf blower is used to get the turbine started, then compresed air (pink tank) is forced in to bring the RPM's up. Finally propane is injected and ignited. The sound it makes starting up is extremely awesome and very realistic.

This plane flies 200 miles per hour and during it's flight it made several high speed low passes that would be sure to grab anyone's attention.

Thumbnail Here's some of what it takes to start this baby up.

Thumbnail The Bandit.

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