The Valley Forge Signal Seekers

Radio Control Model Airplane Club

Pilots and their Planes

(just a few of our close to 200 members)

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 Mel and Tris with the Turbine Cobra Helicopter.

 Al with his Skybolt .

 Harold and his Davis D-1K. Note the look-alike scale pilot.

 Rudy with his 1/3 scale Piper L-18.

 Dennis with his Somethin' Extra and matching umbrella

 Bob with his pipe and his Beechcraft Staggerwing.

 Joe and his Piper L-4.

 John and his Quarter Scale Piper J-3 Cub.

 Bob and his Big Bipe.

 Gene and his HotSpot turbine jet.

 Larry with his Flying Lawnmower.

 Here's Carl with a 1/6 scale Clipped Wing Cub.

 Here's Bill with his close to half-scale Laser 200.

 Joe with his Fazer.

 This is me with my 1/5 scale Ryan STA.

 Here's Charley with a student.

 This is Dave with his 1/3 scale Fokker DR1.

 Here's Sam with what used to be an Ugly Stick after a midair with my Kaos.

Pilots Who Dress Like Their Planes Department

Check out the *color-coordinated pilots* in the following photos : )

*  New! Barry with his Extra.

*  Here's Miles with his Piper Cub.

*  Dan with Al's Tiger Moth.

*  Don and his 46% Extra. That's his dad, Tony holding the tail.

*  Dave with his 1/3 scale Laser 200.

*  John and his P-39 Airacobra.

*  Mike and his Ultra Sport 1000.

*  Alison and her dad's Ryan STA.

* Charley and his Fokker D VII.

* Me with my Sig Liberty Sport.

Grumman BearcatDee and his Grumman Bearcat.

Extra 260Jim and his Extra 260.

 Warren and his Hog-Bipe.

AeromasterArt and his Aeromaster.

4 StarEd with his 4-Star 60.

 Here's Eric and his Sportster.

 Jim with his Skybolt.

 Simon with his Extra 300.

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