From Netsurfer Science Newsletter

Radio Control Airplanes

Don't be too cynical. You probably spend more time online than these guys do
building and flying their model airplanes. Some of their work is actually quite
impressive. Consider the author's scale-model Beechcraft or the Ryan STA. Have
you ever seen a flying witch, doghouse, or lawnmower? Consider the cost savings
of owning a * scale piper cub as opposed to the full-size model! Maybe you'd
prefer to fly one powered by a turbine jet engine (200mph in tight circles, or
until it goes beyond your line of sight). The author, Michael Myers (not that
one), also provides us with R/C Web links, and personal "award winning" nature
and family photographs. Next weekend, you just might find yourself taking apart
that old weed-whacker and building your own (scale model) B-29 Superfortress.
Yeah… with one of those infrared spy cameras, and autonomous,
computer-controlled guidance, and water-balloon bombs… yeah, cool…