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Original Photographs by Michael Myers


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Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly New! A Beautiful Butterfly on Salvia.
You can see his long proboscis working.

Butterfly New! Monarch Butterfly on Goldenrod.

Orchids New! Flower Fairies in Orchids
Here are more beautiful Orchid photos.

Chamomile Flowers Chamomile Flowers. Makes a soothing tea.

Image A beautiful butterfly in a sea of impatiens.

Image A cool praying mantis on a rose.

Image Butterfly on Verbena.

Image A wasp tending her nest.
You can see the eggs and larvae.

4 Seasons A Cherry tree photographed during the 4 seasons .

Lilies of the Valley Lilies of the Valley Lilies of the Valley

Image A closeup of a daffodil

Image A bee busy on a lavendar stalk.

Image Another bee, heavy with pollen, on a crocus

Image A crocus that appears 3-D because of the narrow depth of field

Image Another crocus


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